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Here's the entire list of in-game rules that all players need to follow.

Rule #1Cheating (hacks, xray, etc.) is not allowed
Rule #2Game-breaking exploits/machines are not allowed
Rule #3Bypassing chat filters is not allowed
Rule #4No controversial topics in-chat
Rule #5Do not leak any player's personal information
Rule #6No racism, sexism, or other types of discrimination
Rule #7Be respectful to all players

Here's how the punishment system will work for breaking any of the rules.

High Tolerance
One day ban
Medium Tolerance
Five day ban
Low Tolerance
Two week ban
Zero Tolerance
Permanent ban

For every punishment, the tolerance level is increased. For example, if you break a rule for the first time then the High Tolerance policy will be applied to your account. After a month from the punishment, the level is reset.

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